The Most Proven Vaccination Verifier and COVID-19 Test Verification Software

A Proven Solution That Reduces the Administrative Burden for Human Resources and Operations is a secure, AI-driven platform that automatically verifies vaccination cards and reads COVID-19 tests. The software modules have been built to assist organizations in complying with employee vaccine mandates, reducing administrative burdens and detecting fraud.

Verify vaccination status, manage exemptions and oversee testing compliance all in one place

Crowd-Safe Vaccine & Testing Verifier Module Module

Crowd-Safe Vaccination Verifier & Testing Software - The Only AI-Driven System That Can Automatically verify vaccination cards and read tests

We are proud to introduce, the technology designed to move your business back to business by making the safety of your team and customers a top priority.

Using Artificial Intelligence, our innovative and secure technology provides COVID-19 clearance for your customers and team, allowing a return to business with ease and comfort.

Our solution organizes attendance, invites individuals to register and submit their information, enables individuals to upload their vaccine status and/or COVID-19 test results via the Crowd-Safe App, and enables your organization to use a single dashboard for single risk management (manage access, create events, keep track of attendance in real-time via the dashboard).

How Works Protects Your Organization Against Vaccine Card Fraud

As COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been issued by the federal government, state agencies, private employers and institutions, fraudulent COVID-19 vaccine cards have become increasingly common. It is important for employers to be aware of the potential for individuals attempting to avoid a vaccine mandate to obtain and present a fraudulent vaccine cards to an employer and/or institution that is requiring proof of vaccination.

Crowd-Safe provides AI-driven software and training to ensure that your employees are prepared for the possibility of encountering fraud. Our software focuses on advanced technological solutions for verifying personal identification and vaccine card review, including:

  • Recipient’s information (name and date of birth)
  • Vaccine information (manufacturer, lot number, date(s) and location(s) of administration)
  • Card appearance (CDC logo, printed information, handwritten dosage information)

Crowd-Safe Vaccination record card software

Crowd-Safe Enables Organizations to Check Vaccination Records

Crowd Safe is a Us vaccination tracker

Crowd Safe Enables One to Check my vaccination record

Simple Mobile Application to Securely Upload Individual Vaccination Records uses machine learning to read and parse data from uploaded documents, cross reference and confirm a person’s identity and determine test or vaccination status.  Our innovative technology uses artificial intelligence to read and parse data from an individual’s vaccination card.  Our technology cross references and confirms the individual’s identity and determines their vaccination status in 30 seconds, all in a private, secure and HIPAA compliant platform.

Moreover, synchronizes vaccination statuses with our testing platform enabling facilities to stratify testing strategies based on vaccination status. Demo Video