About Crowd-Safe.us
& Transformative Healthcare

Crowd-Safe.us Employee Vaccine Mandate Solution and Vaccine PassportCrowd-Safe’s comprehensive suite of COVID-19 Software Modules and our Vaccine Passport App have been built to defeat COVID-19 and assist organizations in complying with employee vaccine mandates, while detecting fraud.

Crowd-Safe has been developed using a secure, AI-driven, HIPAA compliant platform that acts as a single source of truth for test and vaccination records. Crowd-safe.us enables efficient workflows and powerful reporting on tests, vaccination status, and automation of contact tracing protocols.

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Crowd-Safe.us is a technology developed by Transformative Healthcare. Transformative Healthcare provides scalable, end-to-end COVID-19 solutions.

A leader in mobile health and patient transport, Transformative Healthcare launched mobile and onsite COVID-19 testing and vaccine administrations services in 2020 to serve major organizations. Our robust team has administered 1.8+ Million tests and 805,000+ vaccines, and we proudly support the risk management and return to work strategies for state governments, municipalities, skilled-nursing and assisted living facilities, universities and colleges, and major corporations.

For more information on Transformative Healthcare, please visit: https://transformativehc.com.

Senior Management Team

Richard Spencer, President

Richard leads the technology development and ongoing maintenance of the TRACR and Crowd-Safe.us software platforms, powering our COVID-19 technology services divisions.

An accomplished management, process and information systems executive with proven experience at leading organizations including McKinsey and CapitalOne, Richard lead the development of Transformative Healthcare’s COVID-19 services and information systems.

Richard has 30+ years of experience in managing large scale operations, information technology projects and millions of individual records.

Richard received his MBA from Harvard Business School and was recognized as a Baker Scholar. He earned his Masters of Engineering at Imperial College London.

Nick Mavrick – SVP, Communications, Business Development & Marketing

Nick is responsible for communications, business development and customer care and retention. He oversees virtual and phone-based customer care for all Crowd-Safe.us COVID-19 services and clients.

A savvy, data-driven leader, Nick has managed customer care for 500,000+ unique individuals and he has served in senior leadership roles for large organizations including VOLVO, NationsRent and Transformative Healthcare.

Nick received his MBA from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management and his BA from the University of Michigan.

Kevin Mont, VP, Emergency Preparedness and Diagnostic Testing

Kevin has dedicated 25+ years in EMS and 15+ years in emergency preparedness. He has overseen millions of successful cases and currently oversees the Vaccination and Testing Program for Transformative Healthcare, where over 775,000+ vaccinations and 1.2+ million COVID-19 tests have been completed.

Kevin’s credentials include the FEMA Professional Development Program, Incident Command System Certifications, and a Master Exercise Practitioner Certification.

As Director of EMS Operations and Emergency Preparedness, Kevin is the point of contact and planner for several EMS 911 communities, and for Gillette Stadium. During his career, he has overseen the operation and planning for the Boston Marathon in Brookline, MA, and he has been the EMS Incident Commander during numerous planned – and un-planned – events.

In addition to the EMS response, Kevin oversees our Special Operations Division, working with the Department of Public Health, Health and Human Services, and Mass General Hospital in establishing a regional transportation plan for infectious disease patients.

Kevin sits on the following preparedness committees:

  • Dedham Opioid Task Force
  • Boston Marathon MCI and Task Force EMS Subcommittee
  • Health and Human Services Regional Infectious Disease (Ebola) EMS Sub Committee
  • Boston Healthcare Preparedness Coalition
  • Town of Brookline – Emergency Management Team
  • Milton Hospital – Emergency Preparedness Committee