COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination Services

Our team of experienced EMS professionals and nurses will come to your location at a time that is convenient for you and ensure that you have a great testing and vaccination experience.

We are authorized by the State of Massachusetts to provide mobile and onsite COVID-19 PCR testing and vaccinations. And yes, the program may be free for your organization, subject to acceptance into the Commonwealth’s program. We offer Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines (subject to availability).

COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination Services

COVID-19 Services – Where & When You Need It  – 24/7

We are a leader in mobile health and patient transport, as well as one of the most trusted and largest COVID-19 testing and vaccination services in the Northeast.

We launched mobile and onsite COVID-19 testing and vaccination services in April 2020 and have since administered 1.8+ Million tests at 7,500+ test events in 3,000 locations across MA & NH, and 805,000+ vaccinations at 350 clinics in 40 locations.

We proudly support the risk management and return-to-work strategies of state governments, municipalities, healthcare organizations, schools, colleges and corporations.

Features & Benefits

Transformative Healthcare - Scaleable Mobile Solutons for COVID-19 PCR Testing in Massachusetts

Transformative Healthcare - Lab Results Witihn 24-48 Hours for COVID-19 PCR Testing

Transformative Healthcare - COVID-19 Vaccination Services

Transormative Healthcare - COVID-19 PCR Testing and Transformative Healthcare offer a full range of scaleable mobile solutions to defeat COVID-19.  Notably, our modular software platform enables efficiency and speed to operate large-scale COVID-19 PCR Tests and COVID-19 vaccinations.

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COVID-19 Services - Where & when you need it  - 24:7