COVID-19 Testing and Resulting Software Module

Crowd-Safe COVID-19 Testing and Resulting Software Module features a:

  • Management & Test Module
  • HIPPA-Compliant Resulting Module
  • Track Monitor and Act Module
  • Report & Optimize Module

Crowd-Safe COVID-19 Testing and Reporting Software

Features & Benefits

  • Test administration and resulting platform that supports multiple testing modalities.
  • Prompt notification of COVID-19 test results.
  • Individuals receive notification of test results promptly after lab processing;
    • Automated text and email to individual.
    • Optional resulting by phone / voice.
    • Text and email communications can be personalized in the individuals primary language.
    • Customizable post-result follow-up messages by text and email.
  • Single dashboard for simplified risk management that dramatically reduces the administrative burden of managing large-scale COVID-19 Testing.

Transformative Healthcare’s TRACR and software platforms are HIPPA compliant and manage COVID-19 services including vaccination status tracking, contact tracing, testing and resulting. The software platform, TRACR, has securely handled millions of patient records and transactions. The system is fully auditable.