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Crowd-Safe Announces Employee Vaccine Mandate Solution

Complete COVID-19, AI-powered software platform & vaccine passport App verifies vaccination status.  As the Omicron variant spreads, organizations deploy technology to verify vaccination status, test, quarantine & trace and vaccinate

Quincy, Mass – Eager to bring back customers and employees, organizations have been challenged to find a solution to  comply with the employee vaccine mandate and verify vaccination status. solves this problem through its fully integrated, artificial intelligence powered software platform and vaccine passport App to verify vaccination status, administrate COVID-19 tests, implement contact tracing protocols and administrate vaccinations. software and App have been designed to make the safety of businesses and customers its top priority. Crowd-Safe is a highly secure, HIPAA compliant platform that acts as a single source of truth for test and vaccination records. It enables efficient workflows and powerful reporting on tests, vaccination status, and automation of contact tracing protocols.  has been developed by  Transformative Healthcare who has used the software to manage over 1.8 million individual cases. invites individuals to register and submit their information, enables them to upload their vaccine status and/or COVID-19 test results via the Crowd-Safe App and enables organizations to use a single dashboard for risk management greatly simplifying the administration of large organizations such as school.

“The time has come for organization to keep their doors open and get individuals safely back together again,” said Richard Spencer, President of and Transformative Healthcare.  Crowd-Safe enables organizations to deploy technology to deliver a secure vaccine passport and advanced verification tool.”  

About is a technology developed by Transformative Healthcare to manage over 1.8 million COVID-19 tests and vaccinations. uses machine learning to read and parse data from uploaded documents, cross reference and confirm person’s identity and determine test or vaccination status. Artificial intelligence reads and parses data from an individual’s vaccination card, and confirms consent on the upload. The technology cross references and confirms the individual’s identity and determines their vaccination status in 30 seconds, all in a private, secure and HIPAA compliant platform. 

An add-on to the platform automates capturing individuals’ testing and vaccine status synchronizing it in real time with the company’s TRACR platform, greatly simplifying the administration of a large organization, such as a school. By example, this enables schools to automatically update student and staff-member vaccination status as it evolves and exclude vaccinated individuals from weekly testing requirements if desired. This creates both an incentive for vaccination and a significant cost saving by not testing vaccinated individuals. 

About Transformative Healthcare

Transformative Healthcare delivers cost efficient, high quality patient outcomes by optimizing how patients and data move through the healthcare system. We create customized partnerships for municipal 911 emergency response, inter-facility medical transportation, mobile patient testing, vaccine administration, remote patient monitoring and logistics services. Our proprietary software and analytics improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

End-to-End COVID-19 Solutions at Scale

Transformative Healthcare launched mobile & onsite COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration services starting in April 2020 to serve major organizations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The company proudly support the risk management & return-to-work strategies of state governments, municipalities, skilled-nursing & assisted living facilities, private universities & colleges, and corporations.

Transformative Healthcare is proud to support the Commonwealth’s ‘Stop the Spread’ campaign and bring COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs to the most vulnerable populations. The company’s COVID-19 TRACR software platform (Test-Result-Authorize-Contact Trace-Report) has assisted Massachusetts to be at the forefront of pandemic management and response. 

Company Highlights

  • Administered 1.2+ million COVID-19 tests and 750,000+ vaccines
  • Leading medical transportation & logistics company in Massachusetts,
    New Hampshire and Maine
  • 1,500+ clinicians & professionals
  • More than 150 years serving our communities
  • 2,500+ facilities served
  • Millions of patients served with exceptional care

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